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Hide details for DatabaseDatabase
YGAO9JUCVJFixes issue where the docuemnt lock is not releases for a protected field if the user has author access. This is a regression in...
TMAI8UAJH9Fixes issue where the "Date of Creation of a message in the mail database becomes out of sync with the date column in the inbox.
TSOE8KCJCPFixes issue where Fixup does not repair corrupt database with UNID index problems. This is a regression in 8.5.1.
HCHC9GG66F Administrator Client Shows the wrong file sizes of database with DAOS size>0 after Server restart
BBSZ9QDK4PFix the issue that compact -a -daos on database.nsf does not work with ODS52
MQRO9MWAK3Added a help option for NLOEncryption to DAOSMGR help. The option now appears when "tell daosmgr help" is issued. For details about the function,...
MQRO9MWCYEnloencryption now validates commands given to it before taking any other actions
MYMY9VTBMJMakes help for NLOENCRYPTION using the Tell DAOSMGR -h command available
JPAI9WMMG5Prevents DBMT from running against daoscat.nsf as there is no need for any maintenance against daoscat.nsf.
JPAI9WXLVDAdded the ability to turn off a dedicated view. Use updall -T~ to turn off a dedicated view.
JPAI9VYQ8TFixes DBMT crash due to a very large dbmt_compact_filter.ind file
JPAI9SAR78Fixes intermittent problem where when a DASOMGR prine operation is running, the DAOSCAT can go out of sync, preventing the prune from running to...
MNGA9L7R4ZFixes intermittent Domino Server crash in NSFDbOpenExtended6
Hide details for Database NavigatorDatabase Navigator
GMAM9T2DZRFixes Application Navigator throwing an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
Hide details for EditorEditor
LQPG9SPCL4Fixes Notes Client hang when pasting certain Mac clipboard content (screenshot, Keynote, etc) into a Notes Rich Text Field. This is a regression in...
Hide details for Files IntegrationFiles Integration
MSCE9SRUC7Fixes iNotes Files Integration not working with Connections 5.0
Hide details for InstallInstall
SHEZ9P3KAPFixes install failure when installing 9.0.1 FP2 or 9.0.1 FP3 on Windows due to low memory condition in Java.
SBET9VLEVLWhen installing Notes 901 FP3 on Notes 901 All Client, the XULRUNNER property
setting in the rcpinstall.properties file will not be updated after...
TBAY9MPSALSigned the Eclipse module to correct the Mac OS X 10.10 / Yosemite error "Do you want the application 'eclipse' to accept incoming network...
XBXB9YPDQ7Fixes attachment upload module in XPage showing EN language version after Domino server upgrade from 901 to 901FP. This is a regression in 9.0.1...
Hide details for JavaJava
HANA9W3KABIBM JRE / JVM in Notes and Domino upgraded to IBM Java 6 SR16FP4 to address a series of java security vulnerabilities outlined in technote...
KLYH9URMSYAddressed A vulnerability in the OpenSSL ssl3_get_key_exchange function. See CVEID: CVE-2015-0204 in technote 1903541 for more...
Hide details for LDAPLDAP
KLYH9SLRGMFixes security vulnerability in LDAP.


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